The ONLY espresso martini recipe you will ever need


There’s nothing quite like kicking back on a Friday afternoon after a long hard week, drink in hand and enjoying the company of good friends.  Of recent times, the espresso martini has become the quintessential Friday afternoon cocktail and for good reason. The smooth, velvety mouth feel of a well made espresso martini makes it so enjoyable to drink and has the added benefit of giving the drinker a bit of a “pick me up” for whatever Friday night may have in store.


It’s easy to see why the espresso martini has become an absolute classic. It’s super quick to put together, it’ll keep you going well into the night after a long week and it tastes amazing!


As lovers of all things awesome, the team here at Loop Coffee would love to share with you all what we believe is (possibly) the greatest espresso martini recipe you are likely to come across!


Everything you need to know about making the perfect espresso martini is right here!


Sound familiar………?


It’s Friday afternoon and you have organised to have a group of your closest friends over for dinner. The plan is for everyone to arrive at 7:30pm for a few drinks with dinner ready to go by 8pm. You’ve got the menu planned out and you’ve even arranged to knock off work a little earlier so you can get everything ready to put on the best spread your friends have ever seen!


Next thing you know, your boss comes to you at 4pm and asks you to “quickly” help out with something before you leave for the day. Finally (after a couple of hours!!) you’re walking out the door at 6pm, you’re exhausted and you haven’t even picked up the groceries for dinner yet!


Sound familiar….?


Not only do you need to get cracking in the kitchen but you’ll need to have a few drinks ready and waiting for your friends when they arrive.


But first things first - you deserve a drink yourself!


Our recipe


There are a lot of espresso martini recipes out there and they can vary a lot.  The recipe we are sharing with you today is very true to the original and is a drink that I have had a fair amount of practice mixing for revellers in bars and clubs around the globe during my days as a bartender.


The real secret to the perfect espresso martini is all in the name.  That is, only fresh espresso will do for this recipe.  Trust us when we say that no instant coffee, coffee flavoured syrup or other coffee alternative will give you that signature espresso flavour!


Loop Coffee’s premium coffee capsules make it really easy for you to quickly extract fresh espresso for your espresso martinis using your Nespresso machine.  All you need to do is make sure you have a few of our premium coffee pods on hand and you’re well on your way to mixing the best espresso martinis your friends have ever tasted!


Another crucial element that’s needed to mix amazing espresso martinis is quality spirits. Since you will be using our premium, Australian made coffee pods as the base for your martini, it only makes sense to pair our coffee with premium, Australian made spirits.


Australia has enjoyed an explosion in the popularity of boutique distilleries in recent times, which has resulted in a great range of premium quality spirits becoming available to satisfy all tastes and budgets. As a small Australian business ourselves, we love to support other Australian businesses where we can and we are big fans of Mr Black cold press coffee liqueur and Smallmouth premium vodka for this particular recipe.


What you’ll need



  • One shot (around 25ml) of fresh, chilled espresso extracted from one Loop Coffee premium coffee capsule (more about chilling your espresso below).  We recommend using our Cappio blend for this recipe but any of our premium blends will give you an amazing espresso martini. 

  • 60ml of Smallmouth premium vodka (or another good quality vodka).

  • 40ml of Mr Black cold press coffee liqueur (or another good quality coffee liqueur).

  • Plenty of fresh ice (we recommend using filtered water when making your ice).


  • Martini glasses (the glasses we use are approximately 165 ml in volume).

  • A cocktail shaker (e.g. Cobbler, Boston or French shaker. Any cocktail shaker should do the trick).

  • A strainer (may or may not be required depending on which type of cocktail shaker you own and whether the strainer is built into the shaker itself).

  • A jigger for measuring your spirits.




  1. Extract your coffee - using the ‘short’ button on your Nespresso machine, extract the coffee from your Loop Coffee pod into a small glass. Take your small glass which is filled with your fresh espresso and sit the glass in a shallow bowl filled with iced water. We recommend chilling your espresso in the ice bath for a few minutes before mixing your cocktail to prevent the hot espresso melting the ice and watering down your martini.

  2. Chill your glass - grab some of the fresh ice you’ve set aside and fill your martini glasses. Set martini glasses aside to chill.

  3. Mix your spirits - measure out your vodka and coffee liqueur into your cocktail shaker. Now add your chilled espresso and finally, plenty of fresh ice.

  4. Shake, shake, shake! - vigorously shake the combined coffee, spirits and ice for at least sixty seconds. Shaking your cocktail well helps develop that signature ‘crema’ you see on top of espresso martinis.

  5. Strain and serve - empty the ice from the martini glasses.  Now strain and serve your espresso martini into your chilled glasses.

  6. Enjoy! - take a moment to enjoy the rich, velvety flavour of your very own espresso martini. But don’t get too comfortable, you’ve still got some entertaining to do!



Note: some espresso martini recipes call for sweetener to be added.  Generally, we prefer not to add any sweetener because there is usually enough sweetness in this drink (depending on what coffee liqueur you are using).  However, if you do wish to add additional sweetener, try adding between 10ml and 15ml of sugar syrup when you mix your spirits.


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