The Ultimate Iced Coffee Recipe

For those of us who are fortunate enough to live in Australia, the return of the warmer months really is something special. The promise of longer days and warmer nights, generates a real buzz and a sense of excitement amongst Australians.


It is definitely an exciting time of year for me! With the Christmas break just around the corner and knowing I’ll get to spend that time with family and friends eating great food and taking time out to relax is something that I really look forward to at this time of the year.


The warmer weather also opens up more possibilities for brewing our much loved coffee! The explosion in popularity of cold drip and cold brew coffee in Australia has been immense and really not surprising given our warmer climate.


Put simply, there is nothing quite like a chilled coffee on a hot summer’s morning (or even as a late afternoon pick me up). The only problem is, unlike traditional extraction methods like espresso, aeropress or french press coffee, cold drip coffee takes a lot of time to brew (sometimes up to 24 hours).


But don’t worry, because here at Loop Coffee, we have put our heads together and devised a very simple (but also very delicious) iced coffee recipe that you can put together in less than 6 minutes. This iced coffee is so easy to make, that even on your busiest mornings, you’ll have time to make a refreshing, iced coffee to set you up for the day ahead.

To be honest, this delicious iced coffee can be enjoyed all year round and is extremely simple to make! We’ve jotted down a few ‘trade secrets’ which will give you everything you need to know to create a drink that will (dare we say it) rival any iced coffee (cold drip or the like) you are likely to get your hands on :)

Here’s what you’ll need to make the best iced coffee you have ever tasted:



  • Two Loop Coffee premium coffee pods. Pro tip: we love to use our Cappio blend for this recipe because it has been blended in way that allows the coffee to really shine through the chilled milk.

  • Enough fresh ice to fill your glass.  The exact amount will depend on what size glass you choose. Pro tip: if you can, try and use filtered water for your ice cubes and also in your Nespresso machine water reservoir. The filtered water removes any unwanted impurities and leaves clean, fresh tasting water.

  • Enough fresh, chilled full cream milk to fill your chosen glass. You can, of course use any type of milk with this recipe, including skim, soy, almond etc.

  • Optional - sweetener to taste (i.e. sugar, honey, stevia etc).



  • One tall glass between 300ml and 500ml for your iced coffee (we use a 500ml tall glass).

  • One small glass to extract your coffee into.

  • One shallow bowl filled with iced water (for chilling the fresh espresso).

  • A Nespresso machine.



  1. Chill your glass - fill your tall glass with fresh ice and set aside in your freezer while you prepare your coffee.

  2. Extract your coffee - using your Nespresso machine, extract the coffee from the two Loop Coffee pods into a small glass. To get the most flavour into your iced coffee, we recommend using the ‘short button’ instead of the ‘lungo’ button.

  3. Chilling your fresh espresso - take your small glass which is filled with your fresh espresso and sit the glass in the shallow bowl filled with iced water. The iced water level only needs to reach the top of your fresh espresso. We recommend chilling your espresso for around five minutes. Pro tip: using the iced water bath allows the espresso to be chilled quickly without needing to add hot espresso directly to the ice. This prevents the hot espresso from melting the ice and watering down your iced coffee.

  4. Add your espresso to your chilled tall glass - before you add your chilled espresso to your tall glass full of ice, take a minute to drain out any water that is sitting at the bottom of the glass (you may not have any and this will depend on the temperature of the room at the time). Tip your chilled espresso into your tall glass full of ice and add any sweetener to taste. Pro tip: for the same reasons we suggest chilling your espresso, draining any excess water from your glass prevents your iced coffee from being watered down.

  5. Add your chilled milk - take your fresh, chilled milk from the fridge and pour it into the tall glass with the ice and chilled espresso.

  6. Enjoy! - there you have it! A very simple and extremely delicious, iced coffee which is sure to become your ‘go-to’ coffee drink during the warmer months (or anytime you feel like it).

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