About us

Loop Coffee is a family owned and operated boutique coffee company that was founded in Brisbane, Australia.

The team here at Loop Coffee have been hard at work crafting a premium range of fresh, Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules and we would love to share our newest creations with you.

As a boutique operator, we carefully select only the finest, premium quality coffee beans for use in our Nespresso® compatible capsules.

Our goal is to offer our customers a fresh alternative to the mass produced, Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules (also commonly known as pods) currently available in Australia.

For optimum freshness, our coffee beans are roasted in small batches and packed fresh into Nespresso® compatible capsules.

From our family to yours - we hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do.

Our range

Loop Coffee currently offers a range of premium Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules comprising four different blends.


Strength: 6/10

Tasting notes: Balanced and versatile, subtle finishes of chocolate and walnut, perfect for either black or white coffee.

Our Lazo blend is crafted using premium quality Arabica beans sourced from high altitude plantations located in Central America. The result is a smooth, full bodied coffee with subtle hints of chocolate and walnut.


Strength: 7/10

Tasting notes: Complex flavours, full bodied, hints of citrus, mellow finish.

A luxurious blend of African and Central American beans resulting in a full bodied coffee with a strong crema, our Kitanzi blend has a mellow aftertaste of toasted cereal and oak.


Strength: 8/10

Tasting notes: Bold, smooth mouthfeel, perfect for black and milk coffee.

Roasted a touch longer to produce a darker bean with more intense caramelisation, our Cappio blend pays homage to the traditional Italian roasting style which produces a full flavoured espresso that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee palate.


Strength: 6/10

Tasting notes: Swiss water process, balanced flavours, gentle mouthfeel.

Our decaffeinated blend is crafted using sustainably farmed coffee beans which have had the caffeine gently removed using the chemical free, Swiss Water Process. Only the most pristine water is used in this process to ensure the original aroma and flavour of the coffee is not compromised. The result is a smooth, full flavoured coffee without the caffeine.