Frequently asked questions

Do you really offer FREE SHIPPING Australia wide?
Absolutely! At Loop Coffee we like to keep things simple and we are proud to offer our customers FREE SHIPPING within Australia on all orders with no minimum spend.  
We know it’s our premium coffee pods that you want to buy without the hassle of worrying about what hidden shipping, packaging or handling charges you’re going to be hit with at the checkout!
Which coffee machines are Loop Coffee pods compatible with?
Loop coffee premium coffee pods are compatible with Delonghi and Breville Nespresso® compatible machines, including Citiz, Latissima, Pixie, Essenza, Innisia, Maestria and U models.
Please note that our pods are not compatible with Dolce Gusto machines or other capsule machines such as Lavazza, Vittoria, MAP, Keurig or Aldi Expressi.
Can I recycle Loop Coffee pods?
Yes! It is super easy to do your bit for the environment and recycle our pods. Simply take your used pod out of your machine, peel off the foil lid, empty the coffee into your garden and place the empty pod into your recycling bin. It’s that easy!
Is it normal that I need to push down harder on the lever with Loop Coffee pods and the coffee appears to extract slower than other pods I have used before?
Yes, this is quite normal. Loop Coffee pods have been specifically designed for use in Nespresso® coffee machines and the design of our pods has been tweaked to ensure customers get the highest quality coffee, first time, everytime!
We also fill our capsules with 100% coffee (i.e. no fillers or other preservatives) to the maximum level possible to ensure we get as much pure coffee (and as much flavour into your cup!) into our pods as possible. In addition, we also tend to use a finer grind for our coffee which makes the coffee more compact in the capsule itself.
For these reasons, you may need to apply a little bit more pressure when closing your machine and you may also need to wait a little bit longer for your coffee to be extracted!
But we promise it’ll be worth the wait and you’ll end up with a superior coffee!
I like my coffee strong! How can I make a strong coffee with Loop Coffee pods?
Don’t we all! If you like a stronger coffee, we would suggest firstly that you give our Cappio blend a try. Our Cappio blend has been crafted to in a way that allows some truly amazing flavours to shine through, with or without milk.
Or, you could do what we always do and use two pods in your coffee!
Please refrain from re-using the same pod after the coffee has been extracted. Loop coffee pods are designed to be single use and re-using the pod will only dilute your coffee with more water.