The team here at Loop Coffee are firm believers that quality doesn’t have to be sacrificed for convenience.

The idea that coffee lovers could enjoy a superior coffee experience from their Nespresso® machine at home by having access to premium quality Nespresso® compatible capsules was what brought Loop Coffee to life.

Loop Coffee capsules are crafted using only the finest, premium quality coffee beans that are roasted in small batches and packaged fresh right here in Australia.

Our coffee capsules are very different to the majority of capsules currently available in Australia. Most of these capsules are manufactured overseas using low quality, commodity grade coffee beans and the finished product is usually shipped to customers many months after roasting and packaging which can mean the coffee inside has become stale and a poor tasting coffee is often the end result.

As a boutique operator, we work hard to ensure that when our customers place an order, only the freshest coffee arrives on their doorstep.

Loop Coffee capsules contain absolutely no additives or fillers – just 100% premium quality coffee.

Our Craft


We source only the finest, raw coffee beans for use in our capsules.


Premium quality coffee, roasted in small batches.


Premium quality coffee, roasted in small batches.

3.Packed fresh

Freshly packed shortly after roasting so that only the freshest premium coffee arrives at your door.